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Call Number/Catalog Number MS 0796
Title Historical Society of the D.C. Circuit Oral History Program collection
Collection Historical Society of the D.C. Circuit Oral History Program collection
Object Name Manuscripts
Creator Historical Society of the District of Columbia Circuit Oral History Program
Description The collection comprises transcripts of oral history interviews with judges, judges’s spouses, lawyers, and court staff associated with the United States Circuit Court for the District of Columbia. Topics include biographical information, judicial procedures, prominent cases, and law clerks.
Subjects Oral history
Circuit courts -- Washington (D.C.)
Judges Washington (D.C.)
Lawyers -- Washington (D.C.)
United States. Circuit Court (District of Columbia).
Judicial process.
Law clerks.
Law schools -- Washington (D.C.).
Admin/Biographical History The Historical Society of the District of Columbia Circuit's, or HSDCC, Oral History Program, preserves the recollections of judges, lawyers, and others who have helped to shape the history of the Circuit. The interviews, as described by the HSDC, are conducted by volunteer attorneys trained by the Program, and provide anecdotal information about family relationships and backgrounds, personal observations about career histories and interactions with colleagues, reflections on the times, comments on law practice and significant court decisions, the administration of justice, life in the courts of the D.C. Circuit, and lessons learned from lifetimes in the law.
The HSW is an official repository for the published transcripts of the Historical Society of the District of Columbia Circuit (HSDCC) oral history program. New volumes are added to the collection on a periodic basis, as released by the HSDCC.
Archival History Gift of the Historical Society of the District of Columbia Circuit, 1997.123, 1999.104, 2000.096, 2000.111, 2001.039, 2001.072, 2001.108, 2003.002, 2003.034, 2003.082, 2004.102, 2005.024, 2008.124.1, 2008.163.1, 2008.171.1, 2008.199.1, 2009.051, 2009.067, 2010.045, 2010.074, 2010.084, 2011.016, 2013.060, 2014.001, 2014.036, 2014.051, 2014.056, 2014.071, 2015.079, 2016.020, 2016.040, 2017.020, 2017.023
People Acheson, David C.
Adelman, Roger M., 1941-
Aldock, John D.
Areen, Judith C.
Armstrong, Daniel
Attridge, Patrick J.
Bennett, Robert S.
Bernstein, Joan (Jodie) Z.
Bork, Robert H.
Bowden, Richard Kirkland
Bryant, William B.
Buckley, James L.
Campbell, Edmund C.
Carliner, David
Cutler, Lloyd N.
Dash, Samuel
Davey, James F.
diGenova, Joseph E.
Duncan, Charles T.
Dyke, James W. Jr.
Facciola, John M.
Fisher, John Robert
Flannery, Thomas A.
Freeman, Milton V.
Gardner, Josephine McGowan
Gardner, Warner W.
Gasch, Oliver
Gesell, Gerhard A.
Ginsburg, David
Goldbloom, Irwin
Green, Joyce Hens
Green, June L.
Greene, Harold H.
Gribbon, Daniel M.
Griswold, Erwin N.
Harris, Stanley S.
Hickey, J. Patrick
Hollander, Morton
Horsky, Charles A.
Isbell, David B.
Jackson, Thomas Penfield
Jeffress, William H. Jr.
Kapp, Robert H.
Kay, Alan
Kennedy, Henry H. Jr.
Kopp, Robert, 1941-
Kramer, A. J.
Krash, Abe
MacKinnon, George E.
Mayer-Whittington, Nancy, 1953-
McKay, James C.
McPherson, Harry C.
Mikva, Abner J.
Miller, Herbert J. Jr.
Morrison, Alan
Nathan, Irvin B., 1943-
Nebeker, Frank Q.
Nordlinger, Bernard I.
O'Donnell, John Jude
O'Donoghue, Daniel W. Jr.
Oberdorfer, Louis F.
Olender, Jack H.
Pickering, John H.
Pitofsky, Robert
Pollak, Stephen J.
Pratt, John H.
Prettyman, E. Barrett, Jr.
Randolph, Arthur Raymond Jr.
Rauh, Joseph L. Jr.
Robertson, James, 1938-
Robinson, Aubrey E., Jr.
Rosenthal, Alan S.
Ruff, Charles F. C.
Schuelke, Henry F., III
Shapiro, Harriet S.
Silberman, Laurence H.
Silbert, Earl J.
Temko, Stanley L.
Terris, Bruce J.
Terry, John A.
Trout, Robert P.
Vieth, G. Duane
Wald, Patricia M.
Walton, Reggie B.
Warnke, Paul C.
Westwood, Howard C.
Wiley, Richard E.
Williamson, Thomas S. Jr.
Wollenberg, J. Roger
Wright, Helen P.
Level of description Fonds
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